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BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Elected into office January 18, 2016

Grant Boyd – Executive Director, founder gb@scyu.org

Grant is the Youth Director for the Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams (LAOUT) and the Executive Director of California Ultimate (a state based organization of USA Ultimate). He currently coaches King Middle School in Los Feliz and has coached at both Windward and Marshall High Schools. Grant plays for the SoCal Condors club team, and runs a series of adult ultimate clinics and corporate events through his company Level Up Ultimate. When he’s not on the ultimate field, Grant is an actor, most recently in a film currently on HBO Go called “Mi America”.

Don Macatangay – President, founder dm@scyu.org

Don has been running youth ultimate programming since 2010. Back in college played ultimate at Illinois State University and has been involved with Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams (LAOUT) since 2010. When he’s not on the ultimate field you can see Don running the streets of Los Angeles on foot or improvising with improv team, the Cabal, in the Los Angeles Area.

Drea Rosas – Treasurer drea@scyu.org

Mariana E. Rodrigues – Secretary mer@scyu.org

Mariana has been playing ultimate for 25 years. She began playing for Syzygy at Carleton College and has since played for multiple competitive club teams both in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. She continues to play locally and has the immense pleasure of seeing her two sons play the sport as well. Mariana received her PhD in philosophy from the University of Minnesota and was formerly a lecturer in philosophy. More recently she has served on the board of several educational non-profit organizations.